Monday, 27 May 2019


Everyone has a measure of faith in something. There are those who have faith in other things other than God Almighty. There are those who just have faith in only themselves and there are atheists who don't believe in anything. They think that they are the only ones who can make it and can reach there by their own strength. However, there is a faith which I am talking about; the true faith. As long as God lives, there is faith in Him. How do we have this faith and how can this faith be strengthened? True faith is the faith that God expects out of you. This faith grows, starting from somewhere until God is pleased in that by virtue of that faith, whatever you command bears fruits and your word becomes like the Word of God. You command things and they happen out of that faith. Obviously, faith will begin from somewhere. It will not be empty like that. Much as the saying goes, 'faith comes from the unseen' faith begins from somewhere tangible. When God wanted to create a class of His own children, He realized that He needed someone tangible who could be the father of His children, yet He is God the Father. You begin from Abraham (God of Abraham the Father of Nations the Father of the faith we carry). You say, 'I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob' but it all began with Abraham. God the Father said to Abraham, 'You will be the Father of all nations.' So, in a tangible way, you start from Abraham and then your lineage begins, as your faith grows you start seeing God as the Father with faith in Him who is the unseen God. Even Abraham began from somewhere; He heard a voice telling Him, 'I am the LORD your God. Leave this place and go somewhere I will show you.' Then he went and recounted to his people, 'I have heard a voice telling me that, 'I am the LORD your God...' He has told me to leave this clan and go with everything to do with me. They responded, 'Look at this mad man! Did you see Him?' 'I didn't see Him but I heard Him speak,' Abraham responded. That marked the beginning of the faith of Abraham and time came for God to test Him. God said, 'Is this faith genuine? Let me give Him something and see whether he will give it back to me.' He made him barren. For many years he had no child but God kept promising that, 'I will give you a child.' It took him 20 years without a child. He gave him a child and after the child was given birth to, it took him another 12 years to get another child. Abraham was caring for the child, moving around, grazing cows and doing all sorts of things. God said to Abraham, 'I am the Lord Your God. Sacrifice to me that only child that you have.' God was testing his faith to see whether this man had grown in faith and whether there was any strength in it. Abraham did not doubt but when he heard the voice, he moved and picked the child. Isaac asked, 'Dad, where is the sacrifice?' Abraham said, 'Don't worry. Let us go.' He put the child on the firewood and was ready to sacrifice the child to God (a God he had never seen!) God said, 'Oh Abraham! Don't do it! I now prove that you really believe me.

Although it's said that faith comes from the unseen, from the experience I have got, I know it starts somewhere. It is from the point where it starts that you make it grow using the ingredients and catalyzers. The catalyst which can help you is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your strength and with all your soul. When you have that, you develop the Grace of Patience and Hope. Your faith will start growing into tangible results. It must grow to a point of seeing an Angel and you don't run away, rather you say, 'LORD, let your Name be blessed.' The miracles you see happen are from the Spirit of the Most High God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Miracles happen for God to prove to you that He is alive. He will send you a servant and He will not send him empty-handed but with fire so that your faith is kept strong. God loves you. He wants your faith to be stronger than ever before.

Prayer: 'Lord my God, Holy Jesus Christ strengthen my faith. Make me what you want to see. Give me the faith that will take me to another level so that I will not get weary or ever lose heart. Heal me and wash away all my curses.'