Ark TV


Our mission is to reach the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through accurate, wholesome, inspirational and interactive positive information on Ark television.

Ark TV partners are dedicated to sponsoring our television broadcast.  Presently, we are airing to the world on satellite. All this was made possible by God’s grace and through our vast network of partners around the world. 

Millions around the world are experiencing the awesomeness of the Power of God right in their homes as the presence of the Holy Spirit is transmitted through their television screen. Also, many have been saved and brought into their inheritance in Christ as we air programs by the anointed servant of God, Brother Ronnie.

Ark TV Tasks Ahead:

         Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all ends of the world 

Global expansion of our coverage area, on satellite and cable.

        Increase in the number of humanitarian projects, locally and internationally.